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Ride Out the Apocalypse With These ‘Walking Dead’-Style Car Mods

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As we’ve learned from following the trials and tribulations of the characters of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” cars don’t fit well into the zombie apocalypse disaster scenario, mainly because Rick Grimes and his rag-tag band of survivors were not prepared […]

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Gadgets4Guys Takes a Swing With the Trucker’s Friend™

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The guys over at Gadgets4Guys reviewed the Trucker’s Friend™. See what they had to say: You get a curved axe, nail puller, hammer, spanner, pry bar, and wire twist all in one single tool. The blade is made of steel […]

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Survival Cache Reviews the Trucker’s Friend™

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Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to, reviewed the Trucker’s Friend™. See what he has to say: How else can the Trucker’s Friend be used?  Imagine its multiple uses around a Bug-Out base camp either a fixed location on rural […]

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The Trucker’s Friend™ Featured on Ammoland

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I recently got my hands on a new type of hand axe; the Trucker’s Friend. This axe was designed with the professional truck driver in mind. It has a rounded chopping blade that very effectively splits wood. There is a pry-bar […]

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Spring Camping Checklist

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camping packing checklist

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you’re probably itching to get out your camping gear and head out into nature. Spring is the perfect time to sleep under the stars — months before the sweltering weather and overwhelming crowds. […]

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Rating the Weapons of The Walking Dead

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With the finale of the Walking Dead in sight, fans of the show have seen pretty much every which way to kill a zombie and then some. In honor of the show’s fourth season wrap-up, we have decided to run down […]

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Icedozer Classic 2.0 in Action

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Everyday Tactical Vids tested out the Icedozer Classic 2.0. See just how easy it is to remove layers of snow and ice.

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SnowMover 2.0 Featured on Gear Patrol

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Your standard $3 snowbrush can’t seem to bear much load, making it tough to clean off your car without snapping it into plasticky bits. So when time (and avoidance of “snow elbow”) are of the essence, you just might want […]

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Best Car Ice Scraper

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With polar condition underway, we can’t help but ask our customer, “What do you look for in an ice scraper?” We’ve found that the best car ice scrapers are the ones the fit each customer’s individual needs. What do you […]

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Trucker’s Friend™ Video from BudgetBugout Reveals New Uses

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The guys of BudgetBugout demonstrate the complete effectiveness of the Trucker’s Friend™ in this latest video. Plus, they have discovered some new uses, including: Slicing a Cheeze Whiz can Opening a beer Opening a letter See for yourself. Visit the […]

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