IceDozer™ Plus 2.0
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IceDozer™ Plus 2.0
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The IceDozer™ Plus 2.0 combines an ice scraper and a snow removal tool for your car with a brush, scraper and plow for cleaning off your car.


The new, top-of-the-line IceDozer™ Plus 2.0 includes an improved Flexiblade™, designed to do a better job on stubborn frost. The patented and scientifically designed IceDozer™ Plus 2.0 is really two products combined. We’ve taken the IceDozer™ Classic 2.0 (the gold standard for fast and efficient removal of ice) and added to it the removable PocketDozer™ mutl-tool. This serious ice scraper comes equipped with multiple attack surfaces, including the Flexiblade™ (which bends to the curvature of the windshield, so that each pass clears a much wider swath of visibility).

The finely honed Frost Peeler Blade takes aim at stubborn frost, while the forward facing IceBreaker Teeth concentrate the cracking force for tackling thicker ice. While the carbide-style Tenderizer teeth on the bottom of the product are designed to exploit the Achilles Heel of ice – its brittleness.

Tapping sharply downward creates hairline fractures that make it much easier to rip the ice from the windshield. Additionally, the forward-facing Snow Plow helps keep you clean and dry by bulldozing snow and ice away from your hands and sleeves. The effectiveness of these unique attack surfaces is dramatically amplified through a two-fisted PowerGrip that harnesses the natural strength and motion of the upper body.

In addition, you have the quick-release PocketDozer™. This multi-tool features a Brush with plus bristles for clearing snow as well as a mini Scraping Blade for tackling hard-to-clear areas (like side mirrors and headlights). The PocketDozer™ includes the unique IceNotch™ for clearing ice chunks from the windshield wiper. Proudly made in the USA, the IceDozer™ Plus 2.0 is built tough out of the absolute best materials. In fact, we’re so confident of its durability that we back the IceDozer™ Plus 2.0 with a Lifetime Guarantee – unmatched in the industry. What are you waiting for? Go out and Kick Some Ice This Winter!