Survival Companion

Survival Companion
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When the goin' gets tough out in the wilds, this is the tool ?€? with 22 important features - you'll want by your side. Designed as the perfect complement to the Lil Trucker (now Off Grid Axe), this is the Everyday Carry that belongs in every emergency kit and bug-out-bag.

Use the tungsten carbide 'v' sharpener to maintain the blade on a knife or axe so you can build, chop and hunt. ??Replaceable magnesium and ferrocerium rods provide tinder and spark which will burn at over 3000?? to keep you warm and safe. ??The emergency whistle belts out more than 100 decibels of sonic power, alerting help to your position while you can use the mirrored reflector to signal over longer distances. A built-in compass and thermometer round out the features of the main body of the Companion. The version shown here is made of durable ABS plastic but the Companion will also be offered in die-cast aluminum.

But there?€?s more! The Survival Companion also now incorporates a quick-release, stainless steel belt clip & multi-tool. Added features include a firestarter scraper (for use with the magnesium and ferrocerite rods), a ruler (for measuring map distances), can and bottle openers,??a flat-head screwdriver, serrated blade and a graduated wrench for turning 5 common hex sizes. ?? ??

Alongside the Lil Trucker, the Survival Companion is truly the does-it-all for every contingency.